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Heritage Daylily Species

H. thunbergii 
(Barr emend J.G. Baker, 1890)

Bright lemon yellow with green throat,
nocturnal, fragrant, branched,
increase by means of runners,

Origin: China, Japan.
Dor, Dip, 40-45" x 3-4"  Mla, ext.

pod and pollen fertile

 Photo by Dr. Juerg Plodeck
Photo by Ronald Leger
Photo by Ronald Leger

Present Locations

Ronald Leger, zone 4b-5 Pat Henley, zone 5
Joe Halinar, zone 8 Gilbert Stelter, zone 5
Linda Sue Barnes, zone 8 Artur Jasinski, Poland
Dr. Juerg Plodeck, Central Europe


Dr. Juerg Plodeck, Central Europe Plants For A Future
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